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Learn to speak Spanish online with the following recommended products.

After conducting extensive reviews we found Rocket Spanish software to be the most effective, but use your own judgment when selecting a product that is best for you. To learn more about our review methodology, please visit our FAQ

 Rocket Spanish

(Our #1 Choice)

Rating: 5/5

Popularity/Satisfaction: Very High/Very High

Rocket Spanish Review



Rocket Spanish is by far the best choice. Interactive computer games and audio lessons combine to provide an entertaining educational experience. And best of all, Rocket Spanish is the cheapest premium language course available on the market.

The audio lessons are designed to get you speaking conversational Spanish quickly. It works too, because the course is both efficient as well as interesting. You will learn practical Spanish that you can start using immediately.

The computer games are a great way to develop your vocabulary. Playing the games and having fun while learning greatly increases the ability to improve your verbal recognition skills.

The course also offers extensive grammatical information if you want to really dig deep into the technical aspects of Spanish. And best of all, it is only available online for download, so you won't have to wait for audio tapes to be delivered to you in the mail.

If you really want to quickly and easily learn Spanish I urge you to check out the Rocket Spanish website.

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 Learning Spanish Like Crazy

Rating: 4/5

Popularity/Satisfaction: High/Very High

Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review


Learning Spanish Like Crazy is great because of the depth of information it offers. The course is very comprehensive, providing over 1000 hours of material.

If you want an audio course to learn Spanish while driving your car you will love this product. However, if you want reading materials as well, I would recommend Rocket Spanish instead.

If you only want one product to help you learn Spanish, I would go with Rocket Spanish. But if you want to really improve your Spanish with an audio supplement you can use while traveling, my advice would be to get Learning Spanish Like Crazy as well.

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Rating: 3/5
Popularity/Satisfaction: Very High/High
Learn to speak Spanish with Rosetta Stone


Rosetta Stone is fantastic for learning Spanish. It is software only, meaning you must use it on your computer. 

The course is very extensive, which is reflected by its price. It costs about 4 times as much as Rocket Spanish, but it is just as effective and offers similar material and methods of learning. If you are willing to put the time in though, you will learn a lot of Spanish. However, I didn't find it as fun as Rocket Spanish, which might be something to consider as it might slow down your work habits.

But if money is not important and you would prefer to learn Spanish on your computer, Rosetta Stone Spanish is something you will want to look into. Also, the course is going to be cheaper online rather than in a store, so make sure to order it online.



 Pimsleur Spanish

Rating: 3/5

Popularity/Satisfaction: High/Very High


Learn to speak Spanish with Pimsleur

Developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur, the Pimsleur method works entirely based on listening. The course consists of 20-30 minute audio lessons, broken up over 100 parts. You can go from beginner to advanced in just 3 months or less.

Although the Pimsleur method is a fantastic program, the price is pretty high. It costs almost 10 times as much as Rocket Spanish. Therefore due to the high price, the Pimsleur system is not as good of a buy as Rocket Spanish..

However, if you have the money, I would recommend that you buy all three Pimsleur Spanish courses online. You will save money and learn a lot!



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